Burial, Cremation Services & Shipping from Brooklyn, New York

Respect your loved one's last wishes with cremation services from Funeraria Juan-John's Funeral Home LLC in Brooklyn, New York. We also offer shipping worldwide. Give the departed the right service with our funeral home today.


When your loved one decides not to have a traditional burial, we accommodate them by going to either a local crematory or one in New Jersey. Families are welcome to attend the cremation, and we offer the same services for cremations as we do for funerals.

Ashes are returned to the family or buried, as you desire. We have a variety of urns to choose from in bronze, brass, pewter, and wood for a beautiful final resting place.
Green urn and white roses - Funeral Services in Brooklyn NY

Memorial Services

The main difference between a funeral service and a memorial service (also called a tribute service or celebration of life) is that the casket or urn is not present. Many people are now choosing celebrations of life over traditional funerals. Similar to a funeral or visitation, a memorial service gives family and friends a time to come together to honor memories and celebrate life.
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Helping Hands - Burial Services in Brooklyn, NY
A Mother's and a child hands - Burial Services in Brooklyn, NY
Little Angel Sleeping - Burial Services in Brooklyn, NY


Help your family member or friend reach their final resting place with our shipping services. We offer shipping worldwide, and we ship to South America, Central America, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Africa. In the instance of your family member dying away from home, we will help return them to the New York City area.
Contact us in Brooklyn, New York, and find the right shipping and cremation services for your departed friend or family member.